Chattanooga InShape MD is a medical weight loss center. Our HCG medical weight loss program helps you lose weight and reduces hunger. You’ll have less hunger than with other weight loss plans and you’ll but body fat. We all know that losing weight will make us feel better but we thought we’d make a list of some concrete medical benefits to give you motivation to take that first step, or to keep going in your efforts to lose weight.

  • Losing even 5-10% of your weight can start to give your the medical benefits you seek.
  • Cholesterol. Losing just 5-10% of your body weight can give a 5-point increase in your good Cholesterol. Just this nudge can change the risk factor for heart disease. It can also lower your bad cholesterol. OF course, numbers are one thing but the danger that lurks behind the number is heart disease. When your heart arteries get clogged, your heart muscle gets starved of oxygen-rich blood. Losing just ten pounds can reduce your chances of this happening by 50%. That’s a lot of result for just s small reduction is weight. Noone is saying the first 10 is any easier, but that’s good motivation!
  • Diabetes. If you are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, your chance of actually getting it will lessen if you lose weight.
  • Joint Pain. It makes sense that if your joints are holding up less weight, any joint pain will be reduced when you lose weight. If you have osteoarthritis your symptoms will very likely improve when there is less weight on your joints, knees especially.

We hope our list has helped you feel some motivation to get moving and reach your goals!