If you’ve experienced unexplained weight gain in the last few years, InShape MD may be able to help you meet your weight loss goals in Chattanooga. For many men, this unexplained weight gain doesn’t come from decreased activity or a sudden change in their dietary habits; instead, it comes from a decrease in their testosterone levels. While slight decreases in levels are normal over time as you age, big drops can negatively impact your physical and mental health–including weight gain, especially in the belly area.

While doctors and scientists are continuing to study exactly why low testosterone levels cause weight gain, there is no denying the direct correlation between the two. Increasing testosterone levels can help reverse the effects, and our medical clinic offers low testosterone treatments that boost your testosterone levels to what they should be. Weight loss won’t be the only effect Chattanooga residents experience, either. Many men report a renewed sense of confidence, more energy, an increase in their sex drive, and an increase in their muscle mass.

Falling testosterone levels have been linked to obesity and metabolic disorders. If you’ve started to notice weight gain that you can’t explain, it’s important to get into our office for a testosterone test right away before your weight gain begins to cause other health issues. Let us check your levels and see where they are at; if they are low, we can start your testosterone therapy treatments right away and you’ll begin to see and feel the effects in just a few weeks.

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