Are your employees healthy and happy? Many employers overlook the health and happiness of their employees as an important investment in their company’s future. The fact of the matter is that healthy, happy employees create a healthier and happier bottom line for your company. You’ll  have fewer sick days, a more productive team, and people who are energized about their life. That translates into big business for your company. That’s why we’re helping company’s make weight loss a corporate initiative in Chattanooga.

InShapeMD can help bring the right weight loss programs into your company. Help your team shed those extra pounds and regain their confidence to get out there and take make a difference in your business and in their personal lives. You’ll see a reduction in stress and an increase in their on-the-job productivity. It’s estimated that for every dollar invested in a program like this, companies are able to reap $5 to $6 in benefits. Start a program at your company and let’s see what kind of benefits you experience!

Weight loss isn’t the only thing we can bring to your Chattanooga company. Learn more about our hormone therapies, nutritional services, and even our Botox and Juvederm services. Get in contact with the InShapeMD team and let us help you create a program that will bring the most benefits to your business. Give your employees the tools they need to live healthier and happier lives and see what it does for your bottom line. Call us at 423-475-5088 or contact us through our website today!